Android via USB on openSuse 12.3

2013/03/21 at 11:53

So I felt like a Windows user this morning, restarting my computer (openSuse 12.3) and my Galaxy S2 (Android 4.0.3), hoping this would fix the issue I was encountering. But it didn’t, so I had to activate my brain to fix it.
In previous versions of openSuse (and/or KDE, currently I’m on KDE 4.10), plugging in the Galaxy S2 via USB would make the Device Manager pop up, kind of telling me „the Android is mounted“. But this doesn’t happen any more; the S2 only shows up in the Device Manager when it’s NOT connected in USB mode (in which case it will show up as a „portable media player“). In the non-USB mode, I can’t copy any files unfortunately, because there’s a KDE bug that prevents me from doing so.
OK, so the S2 doesn’t show up in the Device Manager, but is it being mounted in USB mode, anyway? Well, once the brain was on, looking at the output of mount confirmed it was, but it’s mounted in a place completely different from previous openSuse versions. Previously, the photo and video folder used to be mounted on /media/9650-11FF/DCIM/Camera, while now it is /var/run/media/stefan/9650-11FF/DCIM/Camera. Just thought I’d do a quick post to save other openSuse users (or maybe this is KDE-specific even) some time.


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