Android 4.0 makes usbStorage folder unavailable on Galaxy II

2012/08/02 at 15:51

Upgrading to Android 4.0.3 got me this (as posted on this forum):

So I got a Galaxy II from my phone provider with Android 2.3.6 installed (IIRC). I recently upgraded to Android 4.0, as provided by Samsung. The phone didn’t blow up or anything, but I’ve got a nasty bug now.

When connecting the phone to the (Linux) PC with the USB cable, I can see the folders fine, including DCIM and usbStorage. I can copy files from the PC to the usbStorage or the DCIM folder, just like before. But after disconnecting USB, when looking at the folder I copied the files to (usbStorage or DCIM/some-subfolder), there’s nothing! Connecting to the PC again, I can see them in the PC’s file manager (Dolphin under KDE), or on the command line, where they’d show up like this:

atlas/media/9650-11FF> l usbStorage/
 insgesamt 4480
 -rw-r--r-- 1 stefan users 4582266 2. Aug 15:24 L001-LESSON.mp3
 -rw-r--r-- 1 stefan users 1006 2. Aug 15:24 L001-LESSON.txt

But when looking from the Galaxy, no luck. Nothing.

Digging further, I keep finding lots of items in LOST.DIR (not sure though if they’re related, all 4 KB in size), and often enough items in .Trash-1000/files which are certainly related (sometimes even with the exact same file names). I guess there’s a bug in Samsung’s „File-Stor“ Gadget. As said initially, the bug wasn’t there in the previous Android version.


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